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 Elizabeth Black

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Elizabeth Black
Demon of sensuality

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PostSubject: Elizabeth Black   Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:47 am

Name : Black
Surname : Elizabeth
Nickname : Lizzy
Age : 22 apparence and 10 000 years old physical
Kind : Demon
Symbol : A black dragon with a black rose in his legs
Country : Canada
Language spoken : French, English

Physical :
Elizabeth is a very sensual lady. She often dresses with light clothes. As most of demons, she mostly wears black, red, or purple, her tree favourite colors. She has a beautiful smile, in her eyes, you can see the sparklings due to the number of mans that she took to her bed for dirty reasons. She most of the time do not wear flat shoes. She hates those because they're not showing her sensuality. She's from those who are shaving her legs with a lot of attention. Her hair are red, so are her eyes, but when she's very angry at people. Then her eyes turn to black in no time. She has wings that can automaticly hide in her back so she can seem pretty normal to other kinds but also to her own kind. Lizzy loves to shower in a blood bath. It soothes her and keeps her body from looking old. She wears a few jewels, most of the time in gold because it's a good energy conductor. No need to tell that her favourite rock is ruby, just like her hair... you should already know, don't you ? Finally, she has a tatoo in her back witch shows her symbol : A black dragon with a black rose in his legs.

Mental :
Lizzy is a very sensitive person. She can feal that someone wants to have sex with her even if that same person is very far away from her. She's very sensual in her speaches and she enjoy having mens around her. She's a little show off, trying to be as nice as possible with people but with womans. For an unknown reason, they always hate her. Maybe because she's cuter than them and always trying to have sex with their mans, who knows ? Is that a good reason ? Well, Lizzy don't think so. She likes to be free and not to belong to a person. She mostly can read into a person's mind to know what they think about her. It can go to their deepest fantasy to their secret fears. She just like not to be put into a basket. She's what we're used to call a succubus. Sucking her victim's blood, not always all of it, but it can be compared with a vampire for that only reason and for the wings. For everything else, just remember that, she likes sex... no... she loves it... hehe... What are you thinking about ? She can be everything you wish... think about it...

History :
Elizabeth was a girl with no life. She was born in a small town lost in the middle of nowhere on maps. She always wanted to live in town, where life was actually more interesting than in forest. Her parents were both humans. She was 17 years old when she moved to the city. There, she met her first boyfriend and had her first sexual relationship. He cheated on her and she broke up with the guy. Then she met a strange guy. He was very mysterious. He was a demon. She was desperate when he came to her, offering her another chance, a way to change her life forever. He asked her to join him, becoming something else, and she agreed. He changed her into something else. At first, she felt like something has changed in her but she didn't knew what or how to use her powers. Feeling all those strange things was very weird to her. She started to feel people's vibes, to experiment telepathy, to make weird dreams, to feel weird things around her, see spirits, ghosts and all that kind of stuff that make a person strange. Her body also started to change. It was something like 9 982 years ago. She fell in love with the demon who started to show her more and make her discover what she was. She started to master her powers and to see other teachers around who could give her more powers. Everytime she has a relation with a guy, she gains a new power, most of the time, one that the guy has too. The victim do not loose it's power, it just gives a part of it's power to the lady who start to learn and master it very very soon after she gets it.

A few years after, her master, the one who mostly trained her and teached her got away with another girl and she has to learn by herself. Wanting to be as good as her master, she continued the training, looking around for other teachers and learning from them. Hopefully, most of the time, they don't even know they have a power. She takes a part of it, makes it grow and masters it. That's one of the thing that makes her very powerfull.

The worst in that, is that she's very gifted. She knows a lots of things about mens that she learnt on the spot. She's not a girl that goes into bars, she prefers to flirt real life ones and with the internet, it became a lot eazyer to attract mens. She once did a webcam show for a man but then she met the guy, and his desire fed her power and she used him to get the thing that she wants the more... Sex...

With time and preactice, she became the demon of sensuality. Religions know her as Venus, Aphrodite, Eva and many other names that followed her trough time and space. For an old lady, she's pretty cute.

Her master's name ? The Devil... himself...

About me...

Name : Pam
Age : 22
Country : Canada
E-mail : Not avaliable
Interests : See my character... you'll know Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Elizabeth Black   Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:34 am

Have fun !
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Elizabeth Black
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