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 Chapter 1 - The hidden story

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PostSubject: Chapter 1 - The hidden story   Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:57 am

Chapter 1
The hidden story

Everyone has ever had the feeling at least once in their life that things were not like they were supposed to be in the world and that everything isn't what it seems to be. We're sometimes feeling that there are freaking hidden truths are behind normal things partially concealed by "natural laws" rationnally teached by sciences. We've been told that medieval beliefs in monsters and magic were just primitiv superstitions. We're too wise for that kind of stupidities. That's at least what we are pretending. But at night, when shadows are growing and winds are blowing in branks, we're trembling remembering of those old truths, those that our ancestors, who were right to fear the dark.

We all know deep inside us that the world is a lot more terrifying that we let ourself believe it is. Accepting that unconscious truth is inviting crazyness, letting ourself getting into a chaos that stays at the limit of our perceptions. Better keep your eyes closed, pretend that it doesn't exist. If we don't see it, it might never see us.

Therefore, pretending that something doesn't exist do not make it disappear. That's just helping it to hide and predators enjoy hidding from their victims, instead of making them flee.

A world where those predators are existing is the worst nightmare of conspirators. In such of a truth, being unrevealed is the first thing to make people speak and make a false ideas about what's hidden, so they can better fix our minds and manipulate us, just like marionet olding the ropes over our heads far from the scene's lights. Our only protection is ignorance, forbidness that helps us to live our lifes day per day and to build "something significant" ; a job, a house, a familly.

Those informations concerning those creatures hidden in the dark and those secret masters are not shown by anyone because there is no proofs. If those things were true, why don't we speak about it in the news ? Even internet websites who are supposed to reveal unknown strenghts aren't showing any real pictures. It's hard to believe in something that we can't see.

Maybe they want it to be that way...

Welcome to the world of darkness !
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Chapter 1 - The hidden story
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