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 The dark world

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PostSubject: The dark world   Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:29 am

The dark world was created after god had created the universe. After everything was done, he left everything to move on its own and see what came out of it helping it from time to time. What he didnt know is that under that universe galaxy and all that, there was a break between the 8th and 10th demention and the creatures from the god wrold( light world) where being teleported to the world of darkness. only problem was that in this world there was no laws and chaos roamed as the law.2 creatures of darkness and light force and chaos came out and said if they fought against eachother and showed them they are worthy of being teleported back to their home land they will. Now each race must fight to gain control over the world and dominate for the winner will get to go home.
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The dark world
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